Niral Floating Peda Mould for Candle Making - 35 gm Candle Wt

Candle Weight - 35 gm
SKU: SL121
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Floating Peda Candle Mould
  • Floating Peda Candle Mould
  • Silicone Rubber Peda Floating Candle Mould
  • Suggested Wick And PVC For Candle
  • PVC 2, PVC 32 For Candle SL121

Niral Floating Peda Mould for Candle Making - 35 gm Candle Wt

Candle Weight - 35 gm
2 Review(s) 
SKU: SL121
Price: ₹265.00
  • Peda is a famous sweet, Use For Peda Design Silicone Candle Mold.
  • Candle Weight = 35 gm.
  • Diameter = 5 cm And Height = 3 cm.
  • Made in India product since 1975.
  • Flexible and Durable Silicone Rubber.

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Peda is a famous sweet occasionally use everywhere in India. Our Peda Candle Mould Made of silicone material.This high-quality silicone which is very soft and flexible. This is Candle Mould of Peda is somewhat oval in shape which gives a unique shape of flattening Peda Which is commonly used candle mould in the market as it gives 100% of usage of wax and Lighting time is also efficient.

Candle weighing app. 35 gms and diameter 5 cm and Height 3 cm. Its Delicious Flavour will boost the Home Decor accessories and Fulfill the Happiness. One of the finest Sweet design, we have our Collection. This is our own Made in India product And made with Finest Quality Silicone Rubber to give you good detailing and easy to take out. 

Product Details
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Data sheet

Candle Weight
35 gm
5 cm
3 cm
Suggested Wick
2D - 2 Inch
Suggested PVC
PVC 2, PVC 32

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Excellent Product

Quality was just awesome...i prefer just close your eye and buy


Good product

Product is good...i am going to buy more from this

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Silicone Flower floating candle mould-Silicone Candle Mould-15gm

This Flower Silicone Candle Different Shape Or Design Of  Floating Flower.

Candle Wt =  15 gm
Dia  = 5 cm
Ht = 2 cm   

Niral Industries
8879651091 - 92 - 93

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