Welcome to Niral Industries(Candle Mould). We are India’s one of the Largest Manufacturer & Exporter of Candle & Soap Making Moulds and Accessories since 1975. Since years we are creating New Designs, New Trends, for Candle & Soap Segments. Currently we have our own created 750+ Designs for Candle and Soap Segments. 

This is our Family owned Business started by my Late Grandfather Shri Shivjibhai Padamshi Maisheri in 1970s where we were trading in stationary items where Ball Pen & Ball Pen Refills were in great demand and then he saw that Ball Pen Refills can also be assembled easily at home with small machinery set-up below Rs. 3000 otherwise its investment of Rs. 50,000 - 1 lac during 1970s and it was first when we entered in making Small Machines for Home Business 

Then with Leadership and Guidance of my Father Mr. Ramesh S. Maisheri where he saw different small machines opportunities and we stared manufacturing of Candle & Chalk Mould. Also he saw that there were many Industries which do not require any machinery and can be started with small investment from home also - & this gave rise to our Training Institute - Niral Business Institute - www.niralbi.com wherein we are providing training and Technical Know-how for more than 200+ Home Business. Today people from all over India are coming to our office to learn many courses from Fresh Newcomer to Business Industrialist.

Then as I [ Mr. Fenil Ramesh Maisheri ] entered in Business, we increased our Total product range to 1500+ unique products for candle and soap segments and we are full-fledged supplying all the materials all over India. Daily we are processing 30 - 50+ orders all over India. We are not limited to Local India but also have exported to many countries. Now in near future we will be having our Dedicated website and team for Export segments. Also when I entered in Family Business - demand for Designer Candles has just started and seeing that we had created any Unique Designs for candle Industry and today we have almost 750+ designs in Candle and Soap segment which is our own created & Made in India

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Ramesh S. Maisheri - B.Sc Hons. Mumbai University

Fenil R. Maisheri - M.B.A. International Business
Pranic Healing, Reiki 3rd Level.

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